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VIP Guest Card

VIP Guest Card

What can be appreciated more than constancy, loyalty? In the hotel industry the most valuable - is a regular guest of the hotel, the most favorite type of customer, which forms the foundation necessary for a successful business. Each hotel strives for guest who will want to go back and tell myself living in a certain property to their loved ones. For this reason, the system of service and program quality hotel chains and independent hotels aimed at increasing guest loyalty and replenishment of the segment.
Hotel Chain "Comfitel" takes care of its regular guests and offers its dear guests come to the hotel network «Comfitel», «Alexandria", "Demidov Bridge», «ReadySteadyHostel» and «Akvahostel" for the second time or more, and the birthday and the birthday week, before and after the birth of "permanent guest card."
Map provides a permanent guest:
• the right to stay in hotels and hostels ComfitelHotelGroup network at a discount of 10%
• participation in special bonus promotions for cardholders (by card number)
• 10% discount in restaurants GinzaProject (I want Kharcho, Gastronomica, Spices and Joy Belinsky, Katyusha, Hominy at Kazan, Moscow and eggplant)
• 10% discount at the hotel's cafe «Comfitel»
• 10% discount at the hotel salon krasotypri «Comfitel»
• 10% discount in bars «Mollie`sPub»
The list of partners will be regularly updated. Keep the information on our web site. When issuing the card administrator hotels and hostels network «Comfitel» you will be given a leaflet with a list of bonuses, explain all the conditions of the loyalty program, the details of the program and lists the full list of our partners. Full details can also be found on our official website in "action."
Presenting you a "permanent guest card", a network of hotels "Comfitel" expresses his favorite guests to their attitude - we appreciate you, my friends, and thank you that you have returned it in our hotels. Be sure to choose our hotel for their temporary stay in St. Petersburg, we will take care about the convenience and comfort. The team of professionals of the hotel chain "Comfitel" working around the clock to make your accommodation in hotels and hostels network was comfortable, enjoyable and memorable.

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