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About Comfitel Hotels Group

About Comfitel Hotel Group

Comfitel Hotel Group

Comfitel Hotel Group (CHG) is fully integrated privately owned company incorporated in Russian Federation with the head office in Saint-Petersburg, providing comprehensive hospitality management and development consulting service to the Russian Hotel market as well as World market. The company was established in 2003.

Comfitel Hotel Group currently operates more than 300 hotel rooms in Russian Federation and Italy. Company profile consists of 5 Hotel Properties of 3 star rating and 1 Hotel Property of 4 star rating.

Comfitel Hotel Group aims to create and develop competitive Group of hotels with high standard of service and common management system. With its systematic approach to hotel reconstruction and development, the company tends to follow national hospitality traditions. Comfitel Hotel Group takes into consideration Russian system and follows the European standards.

The Company goal is constantly improvement of professional skills in the Hospitality Market.

In summary, we aim to:

  • Build good relationships with our guests
  • Be always in know what we need to improve
  • Create the best atmosphere for the rest of our guests
  • Always meet all the guest’s needs
  • Do our best to make every guest’s stay comfortable